- How to read -

The rules

First rule

There is no (absolute) rule.

I tried to follow rules but sometimes it was worthy to make exceptions.
For example, grey square represent in-between parts, but sometimes they don't.
Other example : sometimes I show unchanged parts because it helps, but usually I just show changed ones.

Second rule

Reading the text is still needed.

First because illustrations are not enough.
Secondly because there are a lot of changes that are not illustrated.
Finally because reading can help to understand what you see, and vice versa.

Third rule

You can get some informations by hovering elements, like the all the "≠" between ST and NL sprites.

Try me


startup / 1st active part / 2nd active part / in between parts / recovery
Infinite active frame, or undetailed
Infinite recovery frame, or undetailed
Undetailed part(s)
Special cancel window
Super cancel window

At least one active part must be in the special or super cancel window for a move to be special or super cancelable.

The super cancel window is always bigger than the special cancel window by 1 frame.


-_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-'
Damage Dizzy Activation
Hit stun Block stun Fix Sound Speed

Sometimes you'll see numbers into square braquets. That refers to random table.


Sometimes you'll see numbers into round braquets. That refers to stun timer.

Block stun and hit stun

L, M and H refer to light, medium and heavy moves or properties.