New Legacy is a hack-rom (still in beta) by Born2SPD of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, released on CPS2 in 1994.
Balance, variety, bug fixing and new features are the ordered objectives.
Welcome to the official site, made by MMK.

- News -


2X in the mirror (four) - tournament

Fourth tournament - first on V0.4, 2X in the mirror is a high level series of online North America, Canada and Mex tournaments on New Legacy. It will be this friday 20 november at 9:30pm est. Hosted by Riz0ne and MegamanX, streamed on riz0ne chanel. More detail on Challonge.


New Legacy v0.4 is released.

"It will be the biggest update to NL ever. No update will ever be this big again."


✔ 246 new colors.

See the Colors page.

✔ Balance adjustments.

Just what was needed.

✔ Reworked graphics.

Mainly, Honda, Blanka and Cammy sprites. But also some character palette stuff. received a massive update.

What's new ?


✔ Updated for New Legacy V0.4.

✔ Illustrations !

お待たせ ! Finally ! Get some explanations here.

✔ The Colors page is done.

It goes with the main feature of NL V0.4.

✔ New navigation system.

Pages now contain Tables of Contents and a back-to-top button on the bottom left corner.
Colors page has a special floating menu.

✔ New Download and Instructions pages.

You can use the new icons on the header of this page.

✔ The site is completely revamped.

Made with love. And time.

✔ "About" page turned into a brand new Credits page.

Please take a look.

✔ Secrets.

✖ This site does not work very well on small screens though, sorry about that.

It's even worst than it was before v0.4. Maybe I'll do something about it but I can't promise, it would be probably to much effort.