The Changelog

Street Fighter 2 Turbo : New Legacy
is a hack-rom developed by Born2SPD


Misc general stuff:

Rewrote the special cancel frame delimiter routine to use separate tables for old chars.:

Boot screen:

Startup Blue Text (region) -> White and Green Text with Hack Version:

Startup Blue Text (copyright warning) -> White disclaimer Text:

Options Menu:

Freeplay option, just like the USA rom:

Title screen stuff:

Yellow/Red "Super Street Fighter II" logo.

Blue gradient/fire effect on "SUPER" text.

Gray "TURBO" text.

"New Legacy" text below the SSF2 logo.

VS Screen stuff:

Background is now Dark Gray.

VS logo is now red.

Portraits moved 16px up.

REASON: needed now that they dont have the borders anymore.

Character names and the grid behind portraits moved 16px up, portrait borders removed.

REASON: needed now that the portraits dont have the borders anymore.

Character Select Screen stuff:

New Challengers music.

REASON: i think this will be good for a change.

Holding a KICK button now gives the START color.

REASON: now that START will be reused as a stage select, there must still be a way to pick the START color.

Akuma code disabled.

REASON: uneeded now that Akuma will have his own portrait to be selected on the char select screen. Plus that will give me more free space, which is always good.

Expanded Character select screen (Akuma + Random):

REASON: Now that the Akuma is supposed to be balanced, it makes sense for him to be selectable without codes. The Random portrait was thought at first just to keep it symmetric, but it by itself is a very cool addition too. Plus it may even be reused for RANDOM Stages too.

Stage select (on START button).

REASON: this is a much needed feature. Not only because it's cool, but also because each stage have its own speed, and this is not fixable AFAIK (the speed ofthe stage depends directly on the amount of objects that are being displayed/animated, so the stages that are slower are slow because they're actually lagging!). I am placing it on START because i think its the best way to do this. I already came up with another method of picking the START character color, so its all good. Also, you need to have 2players playing to be abel to select stage, this is by design. Otherwise you'd be able to choose Dictator stage and finish the game with a single fight (CPU characters are somewhat tied with the stage), and that would make no sense.

In-match stuff (unrelated to char balance):

Proper Gray border on Akuma's mini portrait.

REASON: it looks better that way. Plus if i plan to put his portrait on the Character select screen, it needs to have a border otherwise it will look ugly alongside the other portraits.

Mini-portraits during a match now have orange background instead of blue, in case its an Old character.

REASON: not exactly a must, but it may be useful now that both New and Old characters can use any palette. This not only looks cool but also works as yet another visual clue for it being an old character (other than the lack of SUPER meter).

Character Palette stuff:

Akuma's big portrait uses the attract mode palete.

Chararacter Big Portrait now use the propere palete when using the Old alternative palette.

Goals of the project
(in order of importance).

1- Balance.

First and foremost I want to all New chars to not have bad matchups (3.5-6.5 are passable, but I want to keep that the maximum tolerable), and that can be vs both New and Old characters. Old characters themselves having no bad matchups is of less importance, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be good to have it as well. But I think that won't be achievable on some cases because of the nature of some old characters: they're of an overall worse design than New characters, but as a compensation they have a few really strong tools, but on some matchups part of these tools may not be as effective and then maybe there isn't much to be done (e.g. O.Zangief is now the most dangerous character when upclose, but he has way less tools to actually get in, and theres some matchups in which the HF 3K lariat is pretty much useless, that means O.Zangief has very few chances of getting in).

OBS: When reading this changelog, you'll notice that i focused more on buffs than on nerfs. I think this is the best way to approach it so top tier mainers are not too pissed off. With that said though, some stuff just HAD to be nerfed. Take Chun's stored super for example, first of all its a very dumb thing to exist (its definitely a bug, anyone that looks on the assembly can quickly notice it, no it's not a feature), and second it would take huge buffs on all mid to low characters for this to be kept and still be balanced, so it's more realistic to just fix it to achieve general balance. Sorry Chun mainers, this had to go away, but her super was buffed on some other ways plus the most abusive BS from the other top tiers will be gone too, so Chun will be fine.

2- Variety.

This is why i'm giving the Old roster HF characteristics: HF is the 2nd best SF2 iteration and the way some of these characters are played are unique (unlike SSF2, that for the most part are just worse variation of ST characters). They will be rebalanced as well though, so dont expect you'll have CPS1 chains or easy dizzies. If you want that then just play the original HF or HSF2.

3- Bug fixing.

Most of the bug fixes I did also affect gameplay though, and I think the game is better with them fixed (e.g. Reversal Supers, Stored moves, O.Honda Throw glitch, etc).

4- New features.

I've put new options on the char select screen (Akuma + random character) as well as a stage select (on START button - the START color was moved temporarily to Hold K). I also plan to give extra color palletes for the characters as well, but thats not in yet.