Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo : New Legacy

-_-' By Born2SPD -_-'

Street Fighter 2 Turbo : New Legacy
is a hack-rom developed by Born2SPD.

All by him-self.
Yeah... wtf.

Born2SPD is a brazilian ST player already known notably for
his insane work on the frame data for the SRK wiki.

"I worked on this for roughly 5 years, on and off.

This romhack is a compilation of the rebalance ideas i had over the years. They're mainly either my own or from good players (non-japanese) I talked with. [...]

Replacing ST with this romhack was never the goal. I think that will never happen, not even CAPCOM can do it, let alone someone else. See this as a tribute to ST, not a replacement. [...]

If people see this as a valid "side" game, like some people sometimes play HF or HSF2 or even other fgs, that would be excellent for me already! But if that ends up not happening thats OK too, i did this for myself primarily. This was a hobby to me, it was extremelly fun to tweak the game. I learned some interesting stuff by doing that. It certainly made me understand the game better. That is enough to me. I'm sharing it with everyone simply because in my opinion the results are amazing, and i don't mean to be arrogant with that. It would be a crime to keep this for myself. [...]

I definitelly didn't took the "change as little as possible" approach. But i did tried to keep the playstyle of all characters without many changes (unlike what was done for Fei in HDR, for example).
An exception to that are part of the old characters, since they're HF inspired now.[...]

Finally, I want to dedicate this release to my father that unfortunatelly died too soon."

for the first release on may 2020


Sprites edition


Tyrone drew the 10 new frames of Honda’s ochio animation. He also designed the New Legacy logo, VS screen, launch trailer and colors trailer. Since v0.5, he made for Akuma a mini portrait (seeable in Colors page) and nameplate graphics. For V0.6, he recolored Ryu's stage.

"If it wasn't for him the VS screen would still have some shitty green background, with an even worse title screen. He also made the trailer for me. He was like my "art department" haha."



I edited all Blanka and Cammy sprites.

I had no idea what I was about to deal with.


The new colors


These are a mixture of palettes made by Born2SPD, Tyrone, Zass, Thenarus and Conrados for the most part.
Devilman, TurboAnnihilator, GSDarkus, I [MMK] and others also gave a hand.

Some of these colors are based on other Street Fighter games like Alpha and some are completely brand new ideas.

Zass also developed the PaletteSwap application that were used to do the new colors.

-_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-'
color by
By Born2SPD
color by
By Tyrone
color by
By Zass
color by
By Thenarus
color by
By Conrados

More details on Colors Credits Page

Stage Speed


Grego2D, from Arcade Atavism, made the code that make all stages run at the same speed.

Check his awesome projects on Youtube, Patreon and Twitter

-_-' By MMK -_-'

I [MMK] made this site.
It's one the biggest project I ever done.

I started with absolute zero HTML and CSS knowledge and there was tones of material to deal with.
I'm pretty happy with the result.

Born2SPD wrote the original changelog, it was a part of his project.

To be clear, for this site, I [MMK] "just" copy-pasted it.

Born found me a way to do the frame data diagrams cleanly
(following my original diagram idea), using CSS instead of Paint.

I could have done it myself but it would have take much longer.

He also showed me a way to capture the sprites properly from the game.

Fun fact : the way he showed me is faster than how he did back then
when he captured ST's sprites for the SRK wiki.

You can contact me on Discord, MMK#5135.


Special thanks


He really gave me some valuable romhacking insights. I wont say that i wouldnt have "finished" the romhack it if it wasn't for him, but it would took me a way longer.



He created a tool in python related to CPS2 sprites edition (before Born2SPD create his own tool). I used it to edit Blanka and Cammy (and then with it I helped Tyrone to get access to sprites for his work on the Oicho). Chooseagoose also helped me to run his programm, because it was hard to do. Thanks !



I would like to thanks my friend who also helped me to run the python program, because, once again, it was complicated.



He captured few sprites.