New Legacy is a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo hack-rom by Born2SPD.
Balance, variety, bug fixing and new features are the ordered objectives.
New Legacy is still in beta, currently on the v0.9.
Welcome to the official site, by MMK.

NL tournament series "2X in the Mirror" archives.

- News -


New Legacy v0.9 is released.

Mostly balance stuff. Throw teching bug fix (now all normal throws can be teched when dizzy). CPU AI harmonized.


Cammy stage has a new palette, by Born2SPD.

Few character colors changes

Sprite adjustments on characters and stages.


New Legacy v0.8 is released.

It may be not as huge as v0.4 was, but it is still a pretty decent update with important balance and awesome graphic work.


Cammy, the shoto killer from previous version received some adjustments, her Canon Drills are a little more unsafe. Old T.Hawk get a reworked Condor Dive. Overall, this version offers to old characters a little more attention. Akuma also get some too.

20 characters received adjustments, from very little to heavy ones.


Cammy sprites get to be reworked again, this time on her socks.

Work done by Born2SPD

Akuma's Big Portrait is now colored.

Artwork by Tyrone, palette work by Born2SPD.

-_-' -_-' -_-' -_-'

Born2SPD also made a stray pixel hunt. Everything is listed in the Releases page.

Other sprites adjustments were also made.

Fei Long has now the coolest air punch ever seen in a video game.

This is only in New Legacy.


Claw stage has a new palette, by Tyrone. See other alternate stages in the new Stages page.



New Legacy received a presentation video.

An overview of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: New Legacy by AncientCarthage. This video demonstrates new features, some key balance changes, small fixes and other adjustments. Each character's main balance changes might be showcased in future videos (starting with Ryu).


New Legacy v0.7.1 is released.

This is an emergency update, mainly to fix bugs as well as to provide some needed balance changes for the upcoming tournament. There's no big new features this time. See the full list of the last changes in the Releases page. NLFR is also updated.


New Legacy v0.7 is released.

See the full list of the last changes in the Releases page. NLFR is also updated.

Harmonized speed for all stages

All stages should now run at the same "Cammy stage speed". This is a work done by Grego2D (Arcade Atavism) for his own project, he gently accepted to let NL to use his code.

Check his awesome projects on Youtube, Patreon and Twitter.

This has not been tested on Darksoft/Multi CPS2. Please report any speed problem if you experience one.

Reversal throw message


Now you'll know.

Two new colors swapped stages



Win quotes

At least 2 quotes for everyone.



Bug fixing, UI small adjustments and new/adjustment colors.


New Legacy v0.6 is released.

See the full list of the last changes in the Releases page. NLFR is also updated.

A brand new picking system

Inspired by the "color menu" made by Jed, and with design/layout help by Tyrone, Born2SPD made an elegant way to select both the color and the version of the characters. You can still select the stage before the character pick, with the START button.

1. Select your character with any P or K button
2. Select your color with left and right directions
3. Confirm with any P or K to pick the new version and with Start to pick the old


Five new colors for every characters

There are now more than 500 colors in the game ! As usual, see the Colors and/or the Colors Credits pages.

Apparently, 23 colors per character wasn't enough. There are also few changes and adjustments.

-_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-' -_-'

The Barcelona loop is finally gone

It causes a fast knock down now, which gives enough time to the opponent to wake up before the next Barcelona.

Yeah I think this "balance adjusment" deserve a news. A reason enough by itself to play New Legacy. And by the way, a lot of previous nerfs has been reverted now that the loop is gone.

- Youhou, wake up !
- Already did.

A first new colors swapped stage

Ryu's stage has been recolored by Tyrone and Born2SPD.

As mentionned in the release section, "for now, only Ryu's stage got a new palette. The plan is to keep adding new palettes in future updates, and when every stage get a new palette, then I'll implement an option to choose stage palettes (i.e. there will be multiple palettes per stage)."


Balance adjustments

Balance is still the main goal of the project as mentionned above.

Tones of adjustments based on the players feedbacks.


Few stray pixels fixed and other sprites adjustments, see the General page for details.

Born2SPD : "This is just me being perfectionnist". is updated

All character's pages are updated.

Warning : Only few new pushbox changes are not illustrated yet - but will be very soon. By the meantime, you can refer to Ryu's page (his new pushbox change on the knock down is illustrated already, it's the first change on the page) to have an idea with other characters.

Also, some illustrations are still made with previous "NL signature colors", like for Blanka. It changes nothing so it's not urgent. At some point it will be redone.

If you are lost in the illustrations, see this page.

Release, General, Colors, Colors Credits and Credits pages are all updated.

The Global section is renamed "General".

It has been changed on the changelog. I [MMK] just follow it.

22.06.2021 update

Colors are updated.

You can see comparisons in Releases page.

19.06.2021 update

Characters's pages are now updated and illustrated with v0.5 changes.

Next I'll do the colors (which are NOT updated yet), thank you for your patience.


New Legacy v0.5 is released.

Warning : is not fully updated. The character pages take time to do and I [MMK, in charge of nlfr] did not have time yet. Be sure I'll do it as soon as possible (days, few weeks at most).

BUT the Releases page is updated and has the list of every changes for this fifth release.
So, what's new ?

✔ Balance adjustments.

Yeah Cammy SBF was sick against shotos. And other stuff.

✔ The long waited Akuma mini portrait is finally in. Please wait a little more for big portraits.

Art by Tyrone.

✔ Color adjustement.

Pink Ryu ! And other stuff.

Of course this update is still the work of Born2SPD.

He said he would be back and he is.


New Legacy v0.4 is released.

"It will be the biggest update to NL ever. No update will ever be this big again."


✔ 246 new colors.

See the Colors page.

✔ Balance adjustments.

Just what was needed.

✔ Reworked graphics.

Mainly, Honda, Blanka and Cammy sprites. But also some character palette stuff.

Watch the mini trailer.

By Tyrone. received a massive update.

What's new ?


✔ Updated for New Legacy V0.4.

✔ Illustrations !

お待たせ ! Finally ! Get some explanations here.

✔ The Colors page is done.

It goes with the main feature of NL V0.4.

✔ New navigation system.

Pages now contain Tables of Contents and a back-to-top button on the bottom left corner.
Colors page has a special floating menu.

✔ New Download and Instructions pages.

You can use the new icons on the header of this page.

✔ The site is completely revamped.

Made with love. And time.

✔ "About" page turned into a brand new Credits page.

Please take a look.

✔ Secrets.

✖ This site does not work very well on small screens though, sorry about that.

It's even worst than it was before v0.4. Maybe I'll do something about it but I can't promise, it would be probably to much effort.