New Legacy is a hack-rom (still in beta) by Born2SPD of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, released on CPS2 in 1994.
Balance, variety, bug fixing and new features are the ordered objectives.
Welcome to the official site, made by MMK.

- News -


New Legacy v0.4 is released.

"It will be the biggest update to NL ever. No update will ever be this big again."


✔ 246 new colors.

See the Colors page.

✔ Balance adjustments.

Just what was needed.

✔ Reworked graphics.

Mainly, Honda, Blanka and Cammy sprites. But also some character palette stuff.

Watch the mini trailer.

By Tyrone. received a massive update.

What's new ?


✔ Updated for New Legacy V0.4.

✔ Illustrations !

お待たせ ! Finally ! Get some explanations here.

✔ The Colors page is done.

It goes with the main feature of NL V0.4.

✔ New navigation system.

Pages now contain Tables of Contents and a back-to-top button on the bottom left corner.
Colors page has a special floating menu.

✔ New Download and Instructions pages.

You can use the new icons on the header of this page.

✔ The site is completely revamped.

Made with love. And time.

✔ "About" page turned into a brand new Credits page.

Please take a look.

✔ Secrets.

✖ This site does not work very well on small screens though, sorry about that.

It's even worst than it was before v0.4. Maybe I'll do something about it but I can't promise, it would be probably to much effort.